Driven by an inspired team of coffee specialists, we believe in values, innovation and customer satisfaction. Every cup of coffee is brewed with a lot of passion and love to get paid by the satisfying smile of our valued customers and not just the money.


Barista Academy

Barista Academy

“I am an architect because I design to create, I am a scientist because I do research and invent, I am student as I learn something new everyday and I am a painter because I draw and love my job. My customers call me their best friend because they start their day from my shop and the whole community calls me a BARISTA” .

The real strength behind our success is our Blends and Brews Barista Training Academy, where in we offer our expertise to train our own staff and also train new talent in the region.

Onsite Training

This course is based around the Introductory Class content, modified to fit into the available time. The cost is per head with a maximum of five (5) students per class recommended. The content covers basic grinding, dosing, tamping, extraction, milk texturing and machine cleaning theory and practice.

Commercial Training

This class is aimed at introducing new staff to espresso coffee making techniques. It devotes time to thoroughly cover the basics of grinding, extraction, milk texturing and machine cleaning. The teaching provides the students with a strong basis for further instruction and allows them to understand the reasoning behind their techniques and practises.

Home Training

The course starts by providing the students with a brief background and understanding of the coffee industry, where beans originate from, where to buy beans and how to store them at home. The candidates will then move onto espresso preparation techniques including grinding, extractions, milk texturing and machine cleaning. If they already own a home espresso machine, candidates are encouraged to advise their trainer of the brand at the time of booking to allow the content and advice within the class to be more specifically tailored to their needs.


Best Signature Drink of the Year-2006

At the 1st UAE Barista Championship held at Dubai Trade Center in Association with DSS Summer Fiesta & ILLY Caffé

Awarded “Platinum Award” at the Indian BARISTA Championship for the Year 2007 - Organized by ‘The Specialty Coffee Association of India & Coffee Board of India’

Our Barista represented Blends & Brews Coffee Shoppe at the World Barista Championship in Tokyo, Japan in July -2007.