Driven by an inspired team of coffee specialists, we believe in values, innovation and customer satisfaction. Every cup of coffee is brewed with a lot of passion and love to get paid by the satisfying smile of our valued customers and not just the money.


Our Home Blends

Espresso blend

A blend of carefully nurtured high grown arabica and Robusta beans, blended with meticulous care to give you ``the coffee lover`` an adventurous journey of rich flavor and aroma. The coffee beans in the blend are a gourmet product from the shade friendly estates located at an elevation of 3200 ft and coffee is grown under a double canopy of shade of exotic trees of rosewood, Maghony, silver oak and a variety of fruit trees, besides spices. This diversified pattern of cultivation has helped the arabica and Robusta beans to take on unique flavor notes in a cup. This sustainable method of farming also ensures the beans imbibe a texture, flavor and taste, which are unique and unparalleled in the world of coffee. The fruit cherries are selectively harvested by hand, starting from November of a year. Care is taken to harvest only “just ripe” cherries. Thereafter the cherries are precisely pulped, subjected to fermentation and naturally sun dried. No chemicals are used for processing the coffee beans. Even the effluents from the farm are treated by anaerobic and aerobic methods of lagooning, keeping the entire process of coffee preparation a natural method. The coffee beans which are obtained from the cherries are roasted to the perfection by one of our best roasters as per the desired roast and then ground and blended by expert roasters. The roast is perfect, the blend is judicious, the grind is precise and the packing meticulous-an integrated and careful chain from the seed to the cup. ``Blends and Brews” presents to you a distinct and skillfully blended coffee, to provide you with a unique flavor, which is tasty to the last drop. Hazelnut crema, strong texture, chocolaty flavor and a creamy mouth feel are the highlights of this blend.

Tropical Gold

Tropical gold is a blend created to inspire, to captivate and to entice you to depths of love, happiness, grandeur and splendor. It’s a heart-warming blend of fine arabica and Robusta beans from the tropical hills of southern Asia. The beans are from coffee farms located at high altitudes with cultivation under a shady canopy of forest and fruit trees with an array of spices. Natural methods of processing, decortcation, grading and sorting in advance technology machines, ensure a flavorful rich cup of “Tropical Gold” to be presented to you the “coffee connoisseur”. The selected beans are roasted in technologically advanced roasting machines, ground with precision and perfection and judiously blended, to ensure the rich aroma to waft into your nostrils, as you brew and sip. As for the taste, an exquisite creaminess with dancing notes of bright acidity and flecks of malt ensure a flavorful coffee experience, unmatched by any filter coffee. A blend which is worth its weight in gold reminiscing not only the rich heritage but also the long adventurous coffee journey of the coffee seeds from the middle east to south Asia.

Blenders sparkle

A sparkling blend of carefully cultivated high grown Arabica and Robusta beans. A coffee, which sends your senses reeling with mysterious flavor and strong texture. As for the wafting and haunting aroma, your senses get awakened to a sparkling experience of stimulation, vitality and exuberance. A full-bodied round smooth base highlighting strong texture tones, sparkling acidity & flavor lends stimulation and variety to its preparation. Chocolaty mocha flavor on a bed of strong texture tones, a smooth mouth feel and a balanced cup are the hallmarks of this regular filter coffee. A coffee, which can be drunk both black and with milk. For those, who prefer golden black coffee, we suggest brewing either on a French press or on an electric percolator. For those, who prefer a milky rich creamy aftertaste, the Indian filter or the regular method of brewing is suggested. The blends has a dual personality –satisfying both the coffee drinker, who enjoys his golden black cup and one who enjoys his daily cup with milk and sugar. Come, experience and enjoy the sparkle of “Blends and Brews” with culture, tradition and an aromatic experience to accompany the golden dates of the Middle East. A combination unparalleled, unknown and unbeatable.